TROPIX, a French brand founded in 2008 and focus on sport bike, including mountain bike , road bike,speedy MTB and triathlon bike. In 2013, TROPIX landed in China.

TROPIX design team is from Italy, and advocate "Sheer Riding" products. For products’ design, the design team persistent on professional feature to be performance in different riding scene, bringing the Sheer riding pleasure for cyclist.

In 2014, Miguel Martinez, the Olympic champion became TROPIX designer and rider. In order to test the bicycle, he rides TROPIX bike and join the bicycle world cup and other major international competitions. Through tough competitions, Marti- nez verified his designs and improved the product designs practically.

TROPIX, like the overwhelming strong wind, leads the trend of the bicycle industry around the world.


Product Categories

Tropix is designed by Italian top design team. On the rough mountain road, a long highway, in a outdoor playground or in a competition field, no matter where you are, MTB, road bike, speedy MTB and Triathlon of Tropix are enable you to enjoy the passion created by speed and power, and provide the extreme experience by the sheerest bikes. The design team always adheres to their original intention of “For the Ride”. When you put your feet on the pedals, your bike has already know how your cycling experience would be.