CRONUS, means the triumphal knights on the road.

Introduced from the European advanced cycling culture, CRONUS has already had about 20 years’ professional experience of production and sales since it entered China in 2010. It is the global famous supplier for leisure sports bikes, the products of which are sold well in France, Holland, Russia, the United States, Canada and other European markets.

Adhering to the idea of health, leisure, fashion and environmental protection, and combining the advanced technology and the exquisite craft, the company produces a series of high-grade bikes, which aims at bringing the most advanced bicycle technology and the belief of cycling cultural life back to China, and leading the domestic cycling culture to the top of the world fashion once again!

In order to promote the bicycle sports culture, Cronus company implements various of activities, including hosting bicycle competitions around the nation, introducing a thousand-person entrepreneurship plan, greatly supporting social elites to start their business in the field of bicycle. In addition, a series of marketing promotion is held, like co-producing a program called Cycling in Guangzhou with GZTV, holding an activity called “Sunny Knights” with Watsons, etc. The company is always practicing the brand idea of “More Than Bikes”.

Product Categories

The design of Cronus is derived from the Italian top bicycle design team, which focuses on the fashion and leisure products,

for example, MTB, Road bikes, City Bikes, Folding Bikes, Electrombile, Trekking Bikes, Kids Bikes, etc. The power of independent design and abundant production lines are one of the biggest strength that make Cronus distinguish with other top sports bicycle brands in the world.